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Feedback from Coaching Clients

Janet has been like a beacon, guiding my way from very rocky waters into the open sea of adventure and accomplishment. She has assisted me during this past year to gain a sense of direction, gently questioning and prodding me to define what I'd like to get done, set doable goals and go for the gold. I am feeling centered and on-target! I am delighted to be working the gentle, creative, caring soul that is Janet Parker.” - Leslie Fabian

"Working with Janet , I'm now understanding how important I am to me and that I deserve to keep on track with myself! I feel it's important to work with someone who is really available like Janet. It's professional but personal, too. I look forward to our coaching sessions!"
- Lynn Phelps

"With Janet's tremendous support, resources, insight and caring, working with her is the best gift I can give myself!” - Jeanne Handelman

“One of Janet's strongest points is that she mirrors back to me my highest aspirations. My focus on supporting and being compassionate to myself as I move towards a balanced life is stronger than ever. I am much clearer about what I tell myself. My life feels more balanced and I am experiencing myself in a major growth phase.” - Jack Adams

Feedback from Seminar Participants

“Before working with Janet, I was in great pain and truly believed that there was little hope for happiness. Since taking her seminars, I have come to believe that here is an abundance of love, joy, compassion and healing available to me and that this comes to me in a most wondrous way, when my heart is open." - Lynn Phelps, Boston

“Before I worked with Janet, I had no idea why I felt so unfulfilled in my life. I had all the outward success anyone could ask for: my own business, a new house, new cars as well as a beautiful wife and two great kids. Yet, something was missing in my life. Through taking seminars with Janet, I was able to get in touch who I really am instead of what I thought I was supposed to be. Janet created a safe place where I could explore that deep place inside and learn to express my true self in the world.” - Steve Kennedy

"I love how much you care, your sense of humor and your commitment to excellence." - Julie, New York City

"Along with insight, you bring an enormous loving patience and a caring, steady persistence that, even as a therapist, I marveled at."
- Joan, Boston

"You have been an inspiration and a guide - a tough facilitator when I needed one and a living example of love when I wondered if anybody cared for anyone else." - Ross, Boston

"You reached the unreachable in me and you grew more beautiful each day. Thank you for your courage and commitment." - Anne, Chicago

"You were a wonderful model of gentle focused leadership, simple, true and solid, selfless and without ego." - Bill, New York City

"I am moved and inspired by your clarity and your gentle, loving presence." - Judy, Boston

"I'm a tough one to reach sometimes, but when you reach me, I really get it, and I really got it!" - John, Chicago

"The growth in understanding of myself and my relationships with others is greatly due to your insight and skill." - Paula, Boston

Feedback from "The Chalice" Participants

“The whole weekend was a celebration of the power of women. I loved it!” - Antoinette, Boston

"Nurturing fun for expressing all the different, forgotten, and suppressed parts of myself." - Moira, London  

"Wonderful! I've gained so much strength from seeing women in all their glorious colours." - Caroline, London

“The workshop was the only one I’ve taken that freed me from the myths and limiting beliefs I’ve bought into about being a women. It was gentle, illuminating, powerful and healing!" - Tara, Boston

“Since the workshop, I’ve had the courage to honor my true feelings and take risks where I never thought possible.” - Lynn, Boston

“We learned from our differences and saw the common thread that runs through us all." - Donna, Boston

“In this gathering of women, I touched into my deeper intuitive self. The loving and nurturing friendships I made continue in my life.”
- Stephanie, Boston

"It was magical-inviting, accepting and honoring the Goddess at all levels. Janet provided a loving safe place as she shared her Goddess with us. What a blessing--thank you!" - Cheryl Wright

"A deep well of feminine spirit, knowledge and power. Enriching and nourishing. I left renewed with the love and spirit of women and connected to the divine. Damn good stuff!" - Bonnie La Pointe

"Being a woman is a complicated and ever-changing journey. I love being a womean and I love being a woman Now. I’m not sure I could have said that with meaning before this wekkend. With ever present grace and attention and intuition, Janet has helped me own the true beauty of being a woman." - Pam Civie

"I didn’t know what to expect from this seminar--but it called to me--it exceeded all my hopes for it. I feel I walk away a different, improved woman." - Lucille Fisher

"Janet created a spacious yet intimate, sacred and safe space from which I was able to powerfully express all my femininity."
- Candace Hopkins

"I discovered I am in the perfect place right now, I’m doing just fine and the universe loves me. Hooray!" - Joanie Grossman

"The Chalice created new depths of awareness and understanding for me. I have never felt more empowered in t or touched by being a woman than I did this weekend. It was a breathtaking, centering, conneced experience. PS - I love Janet!" - Maura McDonald

Feedback from Corporate Clients

"Out of 75 facilitators delivering the Service MGH program, Janet by far stands out as the best. She is able to establish rapport with people at all levels, from the support staff to the CEO's clinical and administrative leadership. She is excellent in needs assessment, instructional design and delivery."
- Dee Dee Magers,
Training and Organizational Development
Massachusetts General Hospital

"Janet's years of experience working with people give her a vast array of skills, stories, ideas and examples to draw from. Whenever we worked together, I never failed to come away from the training with an “Aha”. Her strong connection with people makes it possible for her to turn any training session, even a potentially difficult one, into a positive experience for everyone. "
- Ted Witherell
Department of Learning and Diversity
Partners Healthcare Inc.

"Janet has the ability to put people at ease and to make the training fun. When people are enjoying themselves, true communication and learning takes place, sometimes even without being aware of it! I hated to see the programs we did with her come to an end!"
- Nancy Dahlstrom
Manager of Operations Support
MasterCard International

"Janet teaches by being, not by doing or being in a role. She has a gift for expressing ideas with exquisite simplicity so that even the most unsophisticated participants immediately comprehend and the most sophisticated achieve deep understanding at the fundamental level. People complete her trainings not just at the level of excellent students, but at the level of excellent teachers and often with the newfound ability to be teachers of teachers."
- Carl Chiulli
Technical Manager
Polaroid Corporation

"Janet's work really moves people. Those who are lucky enough to experience her as a coach or trainer leave truly changed. She has the clarity and charisma as a trainer to motivate others to learn. She also has the rare ability, necessary to executive coaching and leadership development, to create a place in which someone is safe to be who s/he is and yet where one has few places to hide. This helps the person "get it" quickly, and design changes that will work for them in the real world."
- Pennell Locey
Manager, Executive & Career Development
Polaroid Corporation

Feedback from Lifewise Teen Leadership Graduates

"This weekend was amazing. It taught me so much and was by far the best seminar I have been to. It helped me realize that it's ok to open up to other people without worrying about what they will think about me, and also to feel better about myself in all aspects. I also met some of the most awesome people and I hope we can do this again!"
- Jessica, age 17

“It's three days of fun and truthfulness, with a great group of people.” - Gabe, age 17

“I came thinking I wouldn’t learn anything, but it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!” - Eric, age 16

“I learned the importance of acceptance and forgiveness, especially for ourselves.” - Molly, age 16

“I learned that the situation is what you make of it, positive or negative, and you have a lot of influence and choice.”
- Annemarie, age 17

“This seminar gives you a chance to learn and explore, with adults and peers, everything about real life that you don’t learn in school."
- Casey, age 16

Feedback from Lifewise for Kids Parents

"It took me 25 years to take my first step towards this kind of heart-centered work. What a gift to be able to give this to my children when they are so young!" - Mark, Boston

"After the first day of the workshop, my 6-year old daughter, who is not usually very forthcoming or enthusiastic about answering questions, replied to my question, 'How was it?' with 'Fabulous!' and went on to talk about a puppet who felt excluded like she sometimes feels! Thank you so much!" - Julie, Boston



"I'm a tough one
to reach sometimes,
but when you reach
me, I really get it,
and I really got it!"

- John, Chicago

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