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for Kids 6-9 Years Old

Lifewise for Kids provides an understanding of how to create a life filled with meaning, good relationships and positive experiences. The kids gain the knowledge to bring greater peace, wisdom and harmony to their own lives, their families and the world.

In a loving and supportive atmosphere, with plenty of adult and teen guides, the children are taught practical tools to assist them on this adventure called life. Using puppets, storytelling, games, creative expression and short teaching talks, the children learn about:

Caring for Themselves - The children learn that loving themselves is the right way to feel and that it is normal to have high self- esteem. They are taught that accepting themselves and being kind to themselves in thought, word and action makes them happy, loving people.

Practicing Loving-kindness - In our present day society, children sometimes feel that being kind makes them weak and “uncool”. In the workshop, they see the importance of thinking of and caring for others. The children come to see how being respectful, tolerant and empathetic will make their own lives more fulfilling, as well as making the world a better place.

The Light That is in All of Us - The children are introduced to the idea that, like a candle illuminating a room, there is a spiritual light that gives life to everything. They learn that the universe is benevolent and we are all meant to experience joy in life.

Using the Power of Thoughts and Intention - The children discover that they are powerful creators in their own lives who have a choice about their attitude and responses to what happens. They learn ways to change their negative thoughts and refocus in a positive way and how to use the power of quiet reflection and visualization.

Helping Others - In a small service project at an assisted living facility, the children discover that being of service to others is a wonderful way to feel good and have fun. When they plant seeds of love and caring, and let go of selfishness, they will reap self-esteem and happiness.

Their Own Source of Inner Wisdom- Children discover that a source of wise guidance can be found within. They practice tuning in to the wise and light-filled part of themselves as a way to feel more balanced, loving and peaceful

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Workshop Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10-4
Price: $245 for the first child, $122.50 for siblings. A confirmation letter with complete information about the workshop and what to bring will be sent once registration is completed.

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Please contact Janet Parker at 978-969-3950, or

Quotes from Lifewise for Kids Parents

"It took me 25 years to take my first step towards this kind of heart-centered work. What a gift to be able to give this to my children when they are so young!" - Mark, Boston

"After the first day of the workshop, my 6-year old daughter, who is not usually very forthcoming or enthusiastic about answering questions, replied to my question, 'How was it?' with 'Fabulous!' and went on to talk about a puppet who felt excluded like she sometimes feels! Thank you so much!" - Julie, Boston



"It took me 25
years to take my
first step towards
this kind of heart-
centered work.
What a gift to be able
to give this to my
children when they
are so young!"

- Mark, Boston

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