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Is it time for the next step on your journey?

Will you give yourself 3-1/2 days to change your life?  

the journey home to your heart

A powerful new seminar to transform your limiting patterns and reconnect you to your soul’s essence.

  “Please join us for this beautiful seminar. Come be supported with profound love as you rediscover who you really are! In this intensive seminar you will dive deep to free yourself from limitations and then affirm and anchor who you really are, your unique gifts and inner light. We will have fun stretching into new ways of being and learning practices to sustain what we learn!”

This seminar will help you:

  • Let go of the past & create
    a joyful future
  • Love and appreciate
    yourself and others
  • Listen to your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Develop more compassion
    and empathy
  • Know your strength, beauty & power
  • Share your gifts with
    the world

KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF is an intensive seminar requiring your commitment to the process. It is open to people 17 and older who have done personal growth work and is limited to 24 participants to ensure a maximum amount of personal guidance.

Seminar Themes:  

  • Identifying and freeing yourself from limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
  • Affirming and anchoring your true self
  • Stretching into new expression
  • Living in the Now
  • Choosing love vs. fear
  • Daily Practices that keep you uplifted

Seminar Hours:  

Thursday evening: 6:30 pm - 11 pm
Friday & Saturday:
10 am - 10 pm
10 am - 8 pm
(Start times are exact; end times are approximate. Breaks are frequent for participants’ comfort.)

“Janet combines compassion, clarity and insight in a way that allows those she works with to experience the joy and inspiration of their truest essence and highest purpose. She is a uniquely gifted and caring facilitator." — Michael Connor

“Janet's intuition, caring and wisdom, guides people to see what is blocking them from their own truth and beauty. If you want to take your next step in developing self-awareness, working with her is a gift to give yourself. Her seminars are fun, intense and powerfully transformative.” — Lionel Silberman

"The value I received was to help me move forward into my new adventure in life with tools that will make it fun, easy and peaceful. For this I am grateful." — Kathy Twombley

"I got the heart and soul of key issues in my life in this short span of time. I love that we uncovered our limiting characters and birthed a powerful True Self that I can take back home to help me really actualize the life I want. The incredible trust that was built in teh group and the sense of connection were magnificent. There was a strong sense of nurturing and support and a wonderful balance of humor, play and serious work. I felt a deep sense of trust in the staff's integrity and the incredible professionalism and insight of Janet." Jill Kimelman


"I got to the heart
and soul of key issues
in my life in this short
span of time. The
incredible trust that
was built in the group
and the sense of
connection were magnificent."

— Jill

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