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We create trainings that:

  • provide experiential as well as intellectual learning
  • create high levels of involvement and participation
  • provide a safe, empowering learning environment

Some of the training modules we've offered include:

Leadership and staff development

  • building trust, cooperation and teamwork
  • managing stress
  • aligning values, vision and goals
  • managing your time
  • conducting efficient meetings
  • communicating effectively
  • developing mission goals

Team development

  • accountability and empowerment
  • communicating effectively
  • understanding group dynamics
  • choosing the best decision making methods
  • understanding and valuing differences

Presentation skills

  • dealing with difficult or upset participants
  • creating rapport
  • developing your personal style

Facilitation of Training Programs

Whether we create a custom design or implement your existing training program our skillful facilitation can dramatically increase the integration and implementation of your training program. We communicate concepts and teach skills in a way that is dynamic and motivational using a variety of modalities which recognize different learning styles.

Our trainers bring to your program a number of special skills, including:

  • clarity, humor & compassion
  • ability to create rapport with diverse audiences
  • ability to inspire participation and involvement

Sample Client List

    Staples, Inc.
    Dynamo New Generation Training
    Human Factors, Inc.
    Polaroid Corporation
    Pharmedica Communication
    Partners Healthcare
    Keystone Associates
    Defense Finance Accounting Service
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Assabet Valley Regional Vocational School
    Mount Ida College

Sample Projects

Keystone Associates, Newton, MA
• Facilitating training programs and individual coaching in job search strategy and career transition.

Staples, Inc., Framingham, MA
Designed and facilitated a one-day off-site training program to improve teamwork and communication with 20 managers.

Dynamo New Generation Training, Brussels, Belgium
• Presenting Negotiation for Win/Win training in the U.S.

Human Factors Inc., San Rafael, CA
• Presented the five-day Executive Development Program designed to transform the executive's ability to think and work with others in ways that optimize effectiveness.

Partners Healthcare Inc., Boston, MA
• Designed and presented a series of training programs for support staff on a variety of topics including Dealing with Difficult People, Goal-Setting and Stress Management.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
• Facilitated Service MGH, a hospital-wide customer service program for management and staff focusing on goal-setting, communication skills, managing state of mind, and dealing with challenging customer situations.
• Led train-the-trainer sessions

Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, MA
• Presented key segments of facilitator training preparing over 200 managers to train 8000 employees.
• Designed and presented modules on team leadership including team building, mission and goal-setting, process facilitation, meeting management, decision-making, and effective communication.
• Designed and presented one-day seminars on balancing work and family.

Client Feedback

"Janet has a gift for putting people at ease and enabling full participation and cooperation. She wove leadership, communication and teamwork competencies into a fun-filled, creatively packaged day. Janet is a dynamic and inspiring facilitator who skillfully brought us together as a team. As a result we will definitely work more effectively going forward. Throughout the day she spent with us, I received lots of valuable gems that I can take back to the workplace with me. This was the best teambuilding day I have ever attended."
- Beth Olson, Sr. Manager, IT Service Support, Staples, Inc.

"Out of 75 facilitators delivering the Service MGH program, Janet by far stands out as the best. She is able to establish rapport with people at all levels, from the support staff to the CEO's clinical and administrative leadership. She is excellent in needs assessment, instructional design and delivery."
- Dee Dee Magers,
Training and Organizational Development
Massachusetts General Hospital

"Janet's years of experience working with people give her a vast array of skills, stories, ideas and examples to draw from. Whenever we worked together, I never failed to come away from the training with an “Aha”. Her strong connection with people makes it possible for her to turn any training session, even a potentially difficult one, into a positive experience for everyone. "
- Ted Witherell
Department of Learning and Diversity
Partners Healthcare Inc.

"Janet has the ability to put people at ease and to make the training fun. When people are enjoying themselves, true communication and learning takes place, sometimes even without being aware of it! I hated to see the programs we did with her come to an end!"
- Nancy Dahlstrom
Manager of Operations Support
MasterCard International

"Janet teaches by being, not by doing or being in a role. She has a gift for expressing ideas with exquisite simplicity so that even the most unsophisticated participants immediately comprehend and the most sophisticated achieve deep understanding at the fundamental level. People complete her trainings not just at the level of excellent students, but at the level of excellent teachers and often with the newfound ability to be teachers of teachers."
- Carl Chiulli
Technical Manager
Polaroid Corporation

"Janet's work really moves people. Those who are lucky enough to experience her as a coach or trainer leave truly changed. She has the clarity and charisma as a trainer to motivate others to learn. She also has the rare ability, necessary to executive coaching and leadership development, to create a place in which someone is safe to be who s/he is and yet where one has few places to hide. This helps the person "get it" quickly, and design changes that will work for them in the real world."
- Pennell Locey
Manager, Executive & Career Development
Polaroid Corporation

Janet at 978-969-3950/


"Janet's years of experience working with people give her a vast array of skills, stories, ideas and examples to draw from. Whenever
we worked together, I never failed to come
away from the training with an 'Aha'!"

- Ted Witherell, MGH

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