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  • find a job with cutting-edge career transition methods
  • clarify, set, and reach your life goals
  • build self-confidence
  • express yourself freely
  • choose love over fear
  • tap into your inner guidance
  • manifest your dreams
  • live your passion and purpose

What can Lifewise Coaching do for me?

We will create an alliance to help you get out of your own way and make your life work while staying uplifted and joyful. Coaching provides tools and methods and ongoing support for learning about yourself and how to use your strengths to create a fulfilling life. With coaching, you will take quicker, more focused action to get the results you want in your life.

Where do we begin?

We will begin with an assessment of where you are in you life-what is working for you and what isn’t.

I find that many clients need to work on finding balance and creating a strong personal foundation. Personal foundation work can involve clearing clutter, completing projects & communications or improving self-care. We will clarify what brings you joy and fulfillment, your true life purpose.

When and where will we work together?

I work with my clients on the telephone, sometimes with initial or periodic face-to-face meetings. We generally talk 4 times a month for 50-minute sessions. I find that coaching less than twice a month is not very effective, although I will occasionally work with clients on short-term goals such as resume writing or completing a project. We will create a schedule that works for you.

What experience do you bring to coaching?

As well as coaching since 1999, I have worked for over 30 years in the personal development field, facilitating workshops and seminars all over the world. Throughout the years, I have taught the principles of life effectiveness, forgiveness, empowerment and love. In my work, I have seen that every person has a core essence that is powerful and beautiful.

As a training consultant in business, I've taught presentation skills, leadership development, time-management, teamwork, communication skills, clarifying values, negotiation skills, stress management, and a lot more. I bring this knowledge to my clients.

As a mother I understand the challenge of balancing work, family and personal life.

As an artist, I'm learning how to unblock and freely express my creativity. I understand the struggles creative people face in our society.

And as a meditater for over 40 years, I understand the power of having a spiritual focus in life. I'm learning to find inner peace and the faith to trust that the universe (higher power, God, Goddess, whatever term you might use) assists us when we ask.


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I would love to talk to you! Discover how Lifewise Coaching can help you have a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Janet at 978-969-3950

Quotes from Clients

Janet has been like a beacon, guiding my way from very rocky waters into the open sea of adventure and accomplishment. She has assisted me during this past year to gain a sense of direction, gently questioning and prodding me to define what I'd like to get done, set doable goals and go for the gold. I am feeling centered and on-target! I am delighted to be working the gentle, creative, caring soul that is Janet Parker.” - Leslie Fabian

"Working with Janet , I'm now understanding how important I am to me and that I deserve to keep on track with myself! I feel it's important to work with someone who is really available like Janet. It's professional but personal, too. I look forward to our coaching sessions!" - Lynn Phelps

"With Janet's tremendous support, resources, insight and caring, working with her is the best gift I can give myself!” - Jeanne Handelman

“One of Janet's strongest points is that she mirrors back to me my highest aspirations. My focus on supporting and being compassionate to myself as I move towards a balanced life is stronger than ever. I am much clearer about what I tell myself. My life feels more balanced and I am experiencing myself in a major growth phase.” - Jack Adams

Janet at 978-969-3950/


"With Janet's
tremendous support, resources, insight and caring, working with
her is the best gift
I can give myself!”

- Jeanne Handelman

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