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All women are filled with power, passion, spirit, creativity and ageless knowing-yet sometimes we lose touch with all that we are and hold back our true expression.

Join us at this beautiful and light-filled center to reconnect with who you really are! Walk the labyrinth, rest by the sacred well and enjoy the nurturing atmosphere of this amazing and uplifting place!

The Chalice is designed in the female tradition, as a vessel in which awareness, healing and empowerment can take place. In the workshop, you will tap into the deep well of wisdom, strength and joy that you have inside.

The work is deep, evocative and lots of fun, too! You will have the opportunity to share, laugh, cry and learn in the company of other wise and supportive women.

Using a variety of techniques including partner and small group exercises, visualization, discussion, art-making, writing and more, we will explore these topics and others!

Limiting beliefs and images

Feminist spirituality

Sexuality and body image


Self-expression & creativity

Archetypes of the Feminine

Relationships with men
and women

For Info: Contact Janet at 978-969-3950

Quotes from Participants:

“The whole weekend was a celebration of the power of women. I loved it!”
- Antoinette, Boston

"Nurturing fun for expressing all the different, forgotten, and suppressed parts of myself."
- Moira, London  


"Wonderful! I've gained so much strength from seeing women in all their glorious colours."
- Caroline, London

“The workshop was the only one I’ve taken that freed me from the myths and limiting beliefs I’ve bought into about being a women. It was gentle, illuminating, powerful and healing!"
- Tara, Boston

“Since the workshop, I’ve had the courage to honor my true feelings and take risks where I never thought possible.”
- Lynn, Boston

“We learned from our differences and saw the common thread that runs through us all."
- Donna, Boston

“In this gathering of women, I touched into my deeper intuitive self. The loving and nurturing friendships I made continue in my life.”
- Stephanie, Boston

"It was magical-inviting, accepting and honoring the Goddess at all levels. Janet provided a loving safe place as she shared her Goddess with us. What a blessing--thank you!"
- Cheryl Wright

"A deep well of feminine spirit, knowledge and power. Enriching and nourishing. I left renewed with the love and spirit of women and connected to the divine. Damn good stuff!"
- Bonnie La Pointe

"Being a woman is a complicated and ever-changing journey. I love being a woman and I love being a woman Now. I’m not sure I could have said that with meaning before this weekend. With ever present grace and attention and intuition, Janet has helped me own the true beauty of being a woman."
- Pam Civie

"I didn’t know what to expect from this seminar--but it called to me--it exceeded all my hopes for it. I feel I walk away a different, improved woman."
- Lucille Fisher

"Janet created a spacious yet intimate, sacred and safe space from which I was able to powerfully express all my femininity."
- Candace Hopkins

"I discovered I am in the perfect place right now, I’m doing just fine and the universe loves me. Hooray!"
- Joanie Grossman

"The Chalice created new depths of awareness and understanding for me. I have never felt more empowered in t or touched by being a woman than I did this weekend. It was a breathtaking, centering, conneced experience. PS - I love Janet!"
- Maura McDonald


“The whole weekend
was a celebration of
the power of women.
I loved it!”

- Antoinette, Boston

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