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About Janet Parker

Janet Parker has devoted over 30 years to helping people have happier and more fulfilling lives through the facilitation of seminars and training programs and as a personal coach.

Her work with people has been described as dynamic, inspiring, compassionate, and creative.

Janet is recognized and respected for her work around the world. She has facilitated seminars for adults, teens and children throughout the U.S. and in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Israel.

Ms. Parker was a contract facilitator with Insight Seminars, and also leads her own workshops including The Lifewise Series, The Chalice for Women, the Teen Leadership Seminar and many more.

She also consults with businesses for the development of training programs in a variety of areas including leadership, communication skills and teamwork. She regularly consults with school systems and other non-profits.

In addition, Janet was certified by the International Coaching Federation. She maintains a private coaching practice, working with individuals to reach their personal and professional goals.

Janet at 978-969-3950/

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